Things about playing Stoat Soup

This page is intended to be a repository for information about playing Stoat Soup which isn't needed to play vanilla Crawl.

How to play

Stoat Soup is available on CKO, which is on the West side of the Atlantic; on CPO, which is in Australia; on XOM in the UK (provided by Sentei, not us); and the development version is available for console play only by ssh-ing to "" (which is in the UK) using username "fortunato" and the usual ssh key used for online play (or use this key if you need a newer one - PuTTY key here).

If you want to compile it yourself, the source is available on github and the process is the same as vanilla DCSS.

Changes in Stoat Soup

If you're only really familiar with newer vanilla versions, Stoat Soup for 0.30 players is probably more use to you.

Stoat Soup differs from vanilla 0.23 in the following ways (this list starts out in approximate order of importance, but post-release changes are then added chronologically):

Post-release changes

Changes swiped from other variants

At-risk period

If it is necessary to take the server down for maintenance, I normally do so after midnight UK time (either GMT or GMT+1), and when no-one is playing. Of course if there is an urgent problem like a kernel security issue, it might be necessary to take it down any time.


If you play tiles, this bit doesn't matter.

There is a convention for terminal clients that bold black text is drawn in a dark grey. Unfortunately, this convention isn't universally respected, and if you have a terminal client that gets it wrong, you won't be able to see the things Crawl draws in dark grey, including important things like walls out of your field of view.

Crawl has an option, "bold_brightens_foreground", which if it is turned off instead draws these things in blue. This looks horrible but at least you can see what you're doing. In vanilla Crawl it defaults to being turned off. In Stoat Soup, it defaults to being turned on, because watching ttyrecs with the walls dark blue gives me a headache.

So, if you have this problem where you can't see walls out of your field of view, you'll need to edit your options to set "bold_brightens_foreground = false", or fix your terminal client.